Supplier Portal - Supply Chain Managers

Manage your suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity. Automate electronic document processing, integrate workflows and collaboration.

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Buying Objectives Aligned and Delivered

It’s vital to develop robust relationships with suppliers to achieve margin & turnover targets through effective buying. The TradeHub:Buy supplier portal achieves a single unified view of suppliers for seamless product sourcing, listing and de-listing. This helps ensure vendor engagement and consistency.

That translates into higher quality products and more effective supplier negotiations.

Cost Effective Flow of Goods

Improving supply chain efficiency depends on established controls to minimise risk, reduce waste and track progress.

Full visibility is key to ensure continuous supply of the right products at the right time. TheTradeHub:Buy supplier portal simplifies vendor collaboration to improve fill rates and lead times.

Supply Chain Management Made Simple

  • Supplier Management Streamline the entire process of managing suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity.
  • Supplier Management Define and control supplier relationships, collaborate and remove inefficiencies.
  • Vendor Management Software Fully integrate supply chain workflows and communication, automate all business document processing and reduce costs.

Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions


Vendor Management Systems
Powerful supplier portal automates the processing and tracking of all supply chain documents; invoices, purchase orders, despatch advice, order responses, credit notes and more.
Supplier Management Software
 A single pipeline that distributes quality data to ERP and Accounts Payable systems.
Vendor Management
A fully functional vendor portal that lets you define your trading requirements and helps partners adapt quickly.
Supplier Relationship Management
Automate supplier on-boarding and registration.