Types of EDI

Types of EDI

Understanding EDI

There are many different types of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), from global standards to industry specific ones. What unites them all is that they give your company a competitive edge.

Whatever EDI is best for you - and we’ll identify and recommend the most appropriate system - Celtrino deliver faster, efficient and error-free methods of exchanging data, without the need for manual interaction and media gaps (paper/data)

We also assist small and medium-sized enterprises with WebEDI, empowering them to exchange data with their business partners via a web browser.

Embrace Celtrino EDI today and discover how our knowledge can transform your business.

The Celtrino Way

  • Cloud based EDI software to increase efficiencies
  • EDI that meets the latest standards and trade regulations
  • Immediate and significant return on investment
  • No need to purchase hardware or network infrastructure
  • Free Up Finance and IT resources for value-added activities

Related FAQs

Yes. It’s a secure way to guarantee trading relationships and meet customer demands quicker. We fully manage the EDI service so you and your partners benefit from industry best-practice and proven expertise.
It’s designed for suppliers who want to respond accurately and quickly to a customer’s demand for electronic submission of invoices.
Yes. The service removes time-consuming and error prone manual processing. It automatically validates invoices for payment and notifies you of accepted or rejected invoices.