Purchase Order

Purchase Order

Celtrino enables you to send orders to your suppliers without the need for manual processing.

Our seamless approach allows you to generate, manage and track your purchase orders with maximum efficiency and flexibility.

You can customize both the look of your POs and the information included, as you require. You can benefit from at-a-glance tracking status, with visibility of key details.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits of our Purchase Ordering service:

Purchase Orders
The Celtrino Way 

  • Send your orders electronically to suppliers
  • Eliminate the need to carry excess stock
  • Increase competitiveness, and reduce errors and dispute levels throughout your supply chain
  • Guaranteed speed and accuracy for time critical orders
  • Improve your on-shelf availability

Related FAQs

Invoices and credit notes are transmitted electronically to buyers. Clean invoices are fed directly into the buyers’ system, where they are automatically verified.
Yes. The service removes time-consuming and error prone manual processing. It automatically validates invoices for payment and notifies you of accepted or rejected invoices.
Automated processing enables customers to place orders 24/7. Instant order capture eliminates manual filing which allows you to deliver exactly what the customer ordered faster.