Other EDI Needs

Other EDI Needs

EDI Solutions Your Way

From the origins of electronic commerce to the growth of business automation and next generation technology, Celtrino has been at the centre of supply chain innovation for almost 30 years.

By partnering with us you will benefit from best practice, experienced management and the latest EDI technology.

Our experience uniquely positions us to empower companies, in diverse sectors, to transact business across complex supply chains with total confidence. Each year our customers process millions of electronic documents through our pioneering Supply Chain Management network that delivers innovation and expertise to transform the way companies do business.

Finally, the costs of legacy EDI software are both direct and indirect. Partnering with Celtrino saves on them by reducing EDI software, hardware and network infrastructure, eliminating costly errors and freeing up resources. It’s a secure way to guarantee trading relationships, offering the ability to adapt to changing business needs and avoid customer on-boarding and set-up delays.

Whatever your EDI needs, we have the solution.

The Benefits of
Outsourcing EDI to Celtrino 

  • Higher operational productivity
  • Lower administration costs
  • Increased Profits
  • Supported by EDI Experts who understand your business needs.
  • Increases responsiveness to customers
  • Captures useful transaction information for further analysis
  • Reduces administrative errors
  • Sustain a competitive advantage


To find out more please watch our webinar with further information and insights on Outsourced EDI.

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Related FAQs

Our service integrates seamlessly with all ERP and back office applications, but there’s no requirement to have one. It’s a cloud hosted, secure and fully supported service.
Yes. It’s a secure way to guarantee trading relationships and meet customer demands quicker. We fully manage the EDI service so you and your partners benefit from industry best-practice and proven expertise.
It’s designed for suppliers who want to respond accurately and quickly to a customer’s demand for electronic submission of invoices.