Celtrino WebEDI is cloud-based EDI service that simplifies the exchange of electronic data with your customers. .

Conducting business transactions electronically enables you to reduce administration tasks such as postage, printing, and manual data input.

Orders and other related documentation can be sent and tracked easily on the Celtrino WebEDI portal. You can also view customers' transaction histories and any flagged actions or queries. 

Celtrino WebEDI is a cost effective alternative to in-house EDI. It increases the speed of data exchange while providing the ability to transact with your customers from one easy-to-use and intuitive interface. 


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Related FAQs

Automating the goods received process reduces accounts payable and stock management costs. It removes manual proof of delivery and the need to track, trace and store printed delivery dockets
The service offers full end-to-end visibility of all transactions, it maximises the efficiency of invoice matching and improves the accuracy of invoice data, ensuing smooth relations with your trading partners.
Yes. Automation ensures no more lost proof of delivery documents or delays in receiving signed copies. It reduces sales invoice dispute levels and improves customer satisfaction levels.