Sales Order

Sales Order

Every day our Sales Order service deploys thousands of orders to customers without the need for manual processing.

It’s a seamless and touchless process that eliminates the need for you to generate, manage and track your sales orders.

Not only is manual processing arduous and time-consuming, but it contributes to excessive staff and administration costs.

Here’s just a few of the many benefits
of our Sales Ordering service

  • Send your invoices electronically to suppliers
  • We can implement the service into the systems of your larger, more technical customers.
  • Faster, error-free ordering
  • Effortlessly handles an unlimited variety of purchase order formats



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Related FAQs

Sales orders from your customers are automatically converted, validated and posted to the system to be processed.
Automating the goods received process reduces accounts payable and stock management costs. It removes manual proof of delivery and the need to track, trace and store printed delivery dockets
The service offers full end-to-end visibility of all transactions, it maximises the efficiency of invoice matching and improves the accuracy of invoice data, ensuing smooth relations with your trading partners.