EDI Solutions with your Customers

At Celtrino we are strategic partners that can evaluate, design and implement end-to-end EDI Solutions to reduce complexity and cost.

We reduce the dependency on IT and accounting resources, enhance business agility, and increase the speed of execution of key Supply Chain processes.

We also deliver efficient order processing and eliminate the need for hardware purchase or maintenance costs of EDI, delivering a cost effective, low-risk solution that can scale easily with projected increases in sales volume.


Find out more about the benefits of EDI by downloading our Outsourced EDI Guide

Related FAQs

Yes. Automation ensures no more lost proof of delivery documents or delays in receiving signed copies. It reduces sales invoice dispute levels and improves customer satisfaction levels.
The service offers full end-to-end visibility of all transactions, it maximises the efficiency of invoice matching and improves the accuracy of invoice data, ensuing smooth relations with your trading partners.
Automating the goods received process reduces accounts payable and stock management costs. It removes manual proof of delivery and the need to track, trace and store printed delivery dockets