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Commercial advantage

Are you ready for the PEPPOL revolution?


PEPPOL connects public bodies and private companies by providing them with an electronic trading network. If they trade with a public sector body that has adopted PEPPOL, Public Sector suppliers must access the PEPPOL network to transmit supply chain documentation, like product catalogues, purchase orders, delivery information and invoices.

For suppliers, being ready for the move to PEPPOL is a distinct commercial advantage. Public bodies are large, powerful buying groups who are increasingly only doing business with PEPPOL enabled suppliers. Adoption varies across European Public Sector bodies, but its popularity is gaining momentum as more organisations see the benefit of adopting PEPPOL.

Various Public Sector bodies across Europe have set deadlines for supplier compliance and these will all be reached in the next few years.

This is a fundamental shift in the public sector commercial landscape. As well as growing your business, PEPPOL is an opportunity to advance your e-Business capabilities by removing paper-based and manual supply chain systems.

Trade with any Public Body

Suppliers who adopt PEPPOL have the potential to trade with any public body that uses it. For suppliers, a key feature of PEPPOL is the ability to engage with any Access Point Provider they choose - such as Celtrino - to exchange electronic documents with any organisation in the PEPPOL network.

As PEPPOL reaches across Europe, if you export to the Public Sector you must be PEPPOL ready - otherwise you will be left behind.

In December 2016, it was announced that Celtrino had won a place on the NHS PEPPOL Access Point Framework agreement.


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Celtrino – Your PEPPOL Experts


Building on our status as the first Irish PEPPOL Access Point Provider, Celtrino has been awarded a place on the NHS PEPPOL Framework. This means we are now an approved supplier of PEPPOL Access Point Services to all NHS trusts across the UK.

The NHS PEPPOL Framework offers access to a vast market with more business opportunities, greater efficiencies and lower costs. Having served the e-business needs of the healthcare, retail and food services sectors for nearly 30 years, we have unrivalled experience of providing PEPPOL best practice.

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