Introducing the Celtrino Partnership Programme


The Celtrino Partnership Programme


Celtrino has built its business on nearly 30 years of expert knowledge and detailed experience in Supply Chain technologies and their successful application to the challenges of modern business.

We have been at the forefront of innovations in the eProcurement arena, such as:

  • Launching the first outsourced EDI Service in Ireland
  • Proactively introducing retail businesses to Supply Chain Technology
  • Being involved in initial PEPPOL standards development at European level
  • Developing Supplier portals to automate key specialist Supply Chain functions


We understand how difficult it is to successfully introduce Supply Chain technology to new markets and help customers maxmise efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

As we continue to innovate, grow and target new markets, we are looking for partners who want to access our unique range of skills and experience to grow their own businesses.

We offer two partner programmes - Authorised Integrator and Authorised Reseller




Many Celtrino clients come to us as part of an ERP upgrade project. Typically during such a project, they quickly realise that the Supply Chain function included as standard in their ERP is at best short of key functionality or worst case, not fit for purpose.

At this point, they start investigating specialist Supply Chain providers.  Celtrino's solutions integrate with all modern ERP systems.

If you implement ERP for clients and are looking for unrivalled Supply Chain Management Solutions, then consider becoming a Celtrino Authorised Integrator.  In addition to receiving training and support, you will also share in the revenue from any Celtrino sale.




If you are interested in growing your business, then apply to become a Celtrino Authorised Reseller.  

If you are new to selling Supply Chain solutions, our expert team will pass on their unique range and depth of knowledge to help you quickly establish yourself in your local market.

Alternatively, you may already be active in the Supply Chain market and want to develop this further by offering new products and approaches. We will train you in our products and services to help you evolve and grow your business at a fraction of the time and cost in-house development would take.

Become a Partner:

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Related FAQs

In addition to being able to add Celtrino's industry leading products to your portfolio, you will be able to utilise our extensive experience and sector knowledge to develop a unique range of services for your clients.
Yes. By having access to our range of knowledge and experience, as well as our products, you will be able to quickly become a trusted Supply Chain supplier, enabling you to leapfrog your local competition.
We are looking for potential partners who are either already established in the Supply Chain space in their markets or who are looking to establish themselves as a credible supplier. We plan to grow our business into new markets and sectors, so want to work with like minded companies in a mutually beneficial way.