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Sales Orders

Celtrino's Sales Order management service enables your firm to deploy electronic sales order processing and quickly automate the sales order fulfilment process, reduce costs and eliminate both re-keying errors and time wasted in completing data entry.

You will be able to receive sales orders in any document format and automatically load the data into your sales order processing system.

Manual re-keying of sales orders instantly opens up your processes to human error and can lead to inaccurate data entering the system. Our Sales Order Processing service converts email attachments such as PDF and HTML to automatically populate your sales order processing system.

The Sales Order processing service:

  • Automates the sales order process enabling customers to place orders 24/7
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the re-keying errors associated with the manual order entry process
  • Offers instant sales order capture enabling you to deliver exactly what the customer ordered, on time
  • Provides real-time management of sales order information to help manage the business
  • Removes the need to manually process posted or faxed sales orders

Celtrino's electronic sales order processing solution will immediately improve sales order management, margins and profits.