Purchase Orders

Celtrino's Purchase Order service enables your firm to deploy electronic purchase order processing and increase profitability by eliminating the manual processes associated with the management of purchase order information.

The manual processes associated with generating, managing and tracking purchase orders contributes to excessive staff and administration costs for buyers. In addition, inefficient order processes lead to out-of-stock and inaccurate fulfilment of orders. This negatively impacts on customer loyalty and profits.

Celtrino's Purchase Order management service:

  • Enables buyers to send electronic orders to suppliers
  • Allows suppliers to confirm ability to supply products or flag potential product substitutes
  • Removes the need to carry excess stock
  • Improves on-shelf availability
  • Reduces costs by significantly reducing supply chain document management costs 
  • Increase competitiveness, reduces errors and dispute levels throughout your Supply Chain
  • Guarantees the speed and accuracy needed for time critical orders
  • Remove the need to print and manually post or fax purchase orders

Celtrino's Purchase Order management service also supports a buyer's forecasting, order placement, cancellation and replacement ability, providing easy management of replenishment needs.