Supplier Portal - Compliance Management

Manage your suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity. Automate electronic document processing, integrate workflows and collaboration.

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Helping Your Suppliers Comply

It’s vital that suppliers don’t add extra risk to your organisation. Having a single unified view reduces complexity and improves collaboration.

The TradeHub:Buy supplier portal makes it easy for your suppliers to input compliance documents and gives them the workflows to do it.

This consistent end-to-end system helps realise compliance structures across your entire supplier portfolio.

Creating a Compliance Culture

Compliance management relies on having the right tools and processes to drive consistent outcomes and bring certainty to supplier relationships.

Vendor risk management means identifying non-compliant suppliers and holding them to high standards. The TradeHub:Buy supplier portal provides a unified system discourages shortcuts and reduces operational costs.

Supply Chain Management Made Simple

  • supplier management Streamline the entire process of managing suppliers, products and prices with a single unified view of supply chain activity.
  • vendor management Define and control supplier relationships, collaborate and remove inefficiencies.
  • vendor portal Fully integrate supply chain workflows and communication, automate all business document processing and reduce costs.

Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions


supplier portal
Powerful supplier portal automates the processing and tracking of all supply chain documents; invoices, purchase orders, despatch advice, order responses, credit notes and more.
accounts payable systems
 A single pipeline that distributes quality data to ERP and Accounts Payable systems.
vendor portal
A fully functional vendor portal that lets you define your trading requirements and helps partners adapt quickly.
supplier onboarding
Automate supplier on-boarding and registration.