What is PEPPOL?

12 Dec

What is PEPPOL?

Celtrino Marketing

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An Introduction

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-line) enables public sector organisations and their suppliers to exchange business documentation (e.g. orders and invoices) electronically. 

PEPPOL standards were developed by (and are maintained by) a not-for-profit body, known as OpenPEPPOL, to create a cross-border messaging standard across Europe.

PEPPOL is promoted at national level across Europe by government entities known as PEPPOL ‘authorities’, such as the NHS in the UK

To date, adoption has varied across Europe. Some countries, particularly in Scandinavia, are already well advanced. Ireland was only confirmed as a PEPPOL authority member this year.

PEPPOL has even spread outside of the EU – Singapore has become the first Asian country to adopt the standard.

PEPPOL Benefits

PEPPOL enables both public sector buyers and suppliers to streamline the entire process of doing business with each other.

The past few years has seen an increasing numbers of public sector buyers and suppliers adopting PEPPOL, demonstrating the benefits and value associated with it.

At present, state organisations are incurring largely avoidable costs if they are not trading electronically. PEPPOL delivers huge efficiency savings never available to the public sector before.

PEPPOL enables public sector organisations to discover new suppliers and access a broader range of suppliers across Europe.

By implementing the standard participants can reduce approval/processing time of invoices and orders from weeks to days, as well as conserve resources and increase business efficiencies by eliminating manual business processes. PEPPOL speeds-up cash flow, eliminates errors, slashes administrative costs and generates supply chain efficiencies.

Choosing a PEPPOL Provider

Public sector buyers and their suppliers are connected to each other via access pointssuch as provided by Celtrino.

Once public bodies have signed up with an access point provider they can access PEPPOL enabled suppliers in the UK and Europe.

Suppliers and buyers can use any provider they choose, as the PEPPOL standard is designed to allow different access point providers to seamlessly communicate with each other.

When picking a PEPPOL provider, it’s essential to understand their level of skill in handling PEPPOL documents.

New providers may well be long-standing electronic business providers, but may have no experience of PEPPOL transactions. Offering a reliable PEPPOL service, requires having the knowledge and technical ability to align supply chain needs with trading formats and back office systems. 

When assessing providers it is important to enquire about their level of experience and - if possible - consult any testimonials.

Celtrino PEPPOL

Celtrino is one of the longest serving members of OpenPEPPOL. Having served the electronic business needs of the healthcare, retail and food services sectors for nearly 30 years, Celtrino has unrivalled experience of providing customers with supply chain excellence.

Our experience combined with involvement with PEPPOL since its inception, allows us to help public sector entities adopt PEPPOL best-practice.
The Celtrino platform has no restriction on the volume of orders or invoices that it can process. 

In early 2017 Celtrino were awarded a place on the NHS PEPPOL framework. While initially aimed at NHS trusts in England, it’s also available for other bodies in the wider UK public sector.

Talk to a Celtrino PEPPOL expert today, or visit our website for more information.