Webinar: Outsourced EDI

29 Jun

[WEBINAR] Outsourced EDI – React to business changes faster

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Our latest webinar is designed to help companies who engage in B2B transactions via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 

EDI transforms the way companies share invoices, sales orders, delivery confirmations and more.

It’s been produced with the benefit of almost 30 years’ experience in helping business successfully adopt EDI.

Presenter: Rupert Heather When: Wednesday 19th July 3:00 – 4:00 pm - Register here. 

EDI vastly improves the speed and accuracy of business transactions. On a daily basis, it reduces the cost and improves the flexibility of trade interactions.

Topics we will cover: 

• What is EDI?
• Understanding Current EDI capabilities
• Outsourced v on-premises
• Reacting to Business Changes
• Focusing on the EDI Solution

EDI eliminates costs associated with purchase, printing, handling, processing and delivery of paper documents.

Aside from cost savings and increased efficiency, adopting EDI offers access to large-scale suppliers and buyers already connected via EDI networks.

Outsourced EDI simplifies the process of responding to customer’s EDI demands.

Transactions are completed in real-time enabling faster and better-informed decision-making.

Better business relationships arise from faster and more efficient transactions. Outsourcing is the secure way to guarantee trading relationships and limit the risk of delays, outages and security threats.

Information is exchanged in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. Processes are streamlined and time-consuming activities are eliminated.

Human intervention is reduced leading to fewer errors such as document mishandling.

Each year Celtrino customers process millions of electronic documents through our industry leading platform. 

We used this experience to create an expert service that offers best-practice for companies of all sizes.

Partnering with Celtrino will provide a solution that grows with your business while leaving you to focus on managing your business.

If you want to learn about the benefits of outsourcing EDI to the experts - register now