17 Jan

Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Everything

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Connected devices with artificial intelligence used to be the realm of science fiction novels and films. Today they’re integrated into billions of devices around the world. The Internet of Everything (IoT) is everywhere. And the greatest area of growth are in areas that are least visible to consumers, such as Electronic Data Interchange.

Manufacturing, transportation, wholesale and logistics are leading the curve when it comes to IoT adoption, and it’s easy to see how digital efficiencies are transforming those industries.

In manufacturing, connected devices are optimising and automating factory processes. In transportation and logistics, businesses are managing inventory and using real-time information to deliver a competitive edge with exactly the kind of innovations that Celtrino are customising for our clients - developing fully integrated business solutions where system autonomy is unlocking the true potential of IoT.

To see how we can help your organisation harness the potential of IoT to unlock new growth talk to us today.