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16 Feb

Supply chain excellence isn’t a pipe dream for Peterson

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Peterson is a family run company whose main business is the handcrafting of smoking pipes. The first shop opened on Dublin's Grafton Street in 1865.  

Luminaries such as Stephen Fry and Arthur Conan Doyle and his fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes, have favoured the ‘thinking man’s smoke’ which is world renowned.

As well as an array of expertly crafted pipes, which are exported to 53 countries across the globe, the Peterson portfolio includes pipe tobaccos, cigars and accessories.

Changing Customer Needs

Peterson needed to upgrade their ERP system to help their business grow by dealing with distributors more effectively. They also recognised the need to improve their supply chain services. Celtrino was the key partner for this part of the project.

A Celtrino customer since 2009, Peterson use our service to exchange electronic supply chain messages with their key customers including BWG, Musgraves and The Barry Group.

Peterson decided to invest in a new ERP system. They engaged Celtrino to:

    • Implement outsourced EDI services
    • Migrate their customer EDI interfaces
    • Integrate Celtrino’s services with a new ERP system

Data-Driven Approach

Peterson recognised that to strengthen long-standing relationships with their distributors, they needed to move to a data-driven approach to doing business.

In doing so, they eliminated paper from the ordering and invoicing process. A key driver was the need to remove paper invoices and the requirement to manually match them with dispatch notes.

A critical factor for Peterson was that the switch didn’t disrupt their business or trading partners’ operations.

It was vital to ensure that the messages and data exchanged between Peterson and their customers continued to flow and meet both parties’ system requirements.

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Detailed Analysis

Customers must be convinced that changes to business critical processes are being managed by experienced professionals.

To that end, Celtrino carried out detailed analysis, highlighting gaps in the data requirements and message flows between the new and legacy ERP system. 

A significant gap was identified in the data that Peterson’s ERP system generated and that required by their customers’ EDI systems.

‘’The Celtrino solution is much easier to operate, in terms of exporting the invoices and interacting with the head office functions of our customers, the new system is a lot more user friendly.’ Damien Maguire – Finance Director. 

How it Worked

Celtrino’s technical teams implemented the data transformations, configurations and processes required to interface with Peterson’s ERP system.

The flexibility of the Celtrino platform allowed added functionality to bridge the gap between the ERP’s core capabilities and the customers’ requirements.

Our Customer Care Team managed communications, testing and the switchover process with Peterson’s customers to ensure an effective change over. They also provided ongoing technical support.

The Key Benefits:

      • Migration of ERP system delivered on time within budget
      • Automation of previously manual, paper-based systems
      • Compliance with customer invoicing requirements
      • Invoicing on time - no disruption to cash flow
      • An easy to use system
      • An improvement in communications with distributors head office functions

‘’We needed to deliver this project within a short timeframe so we could continue to focus on our business. We needed our partners to be responsive and efficient, Celtrino absolutely met that need for us.’’ Conor Palmer – Commercial Director. 

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