Successful EDI integration requires seamless supply chain automation.

27 Oct

Successful EDI integration requires seamless supply chain automation.

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Whatever your business, whatever your industry, you cannot afford interruptions to your supply chain. The impact isn’t just detrimental to your service levels, but can quickly erode trust in suppliers.

Recent research by IGD Supply Chain Analysis into Food Manufacturers detailed their top 3 perceived Supply Chain risks as: 

  • IT system failure
  • Supplier failure
  • Transport Disruption

In a data driven supply chain – and an environment where 67% of businesses are increasing technological investment in their processes - the need for seamless automation has never been more critical, with Celtrino at the forefront of innovations that are connecting customers, distributors, manufactures and suppliers more efficiently than ever.

 Our supply chain automation means faster response times, whether that’s to market or meeting customers needs, not to mention increased efficiency. Meanwhile our cloud-based digital connections create tangible benefits in the lives of customers and the lifeblood of organisations. Key benefits of supply chain automation include:

  • Better forecasting capabilities for demand and inventory
  • More streamline delivery of goods thanks to automated order systems
  • Increased accuracy and response times to customer requests

Other findings reveal that 47% of food manufacturers believe that the quality of the data they receive from retailers is merely average. So it comes as little surprise that a further 89% said that supply chain will feature high on their agenda for the next five years.

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