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Supplier Management

04 May

Solve real supplier management issues and pain points [WEBINAR]

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Do you lack full visibility and control of how your suppliers are performing?

At Celtrino, expertise in Supply Chain Management is central to everything we do. Our best-in-class experts and pioneering technical solutions deliver innovation and expertise to transform the way you do business.

We’ve used this expertise to build a powerful supplier management solution that gives full visibility and control of complex supply chains. 

Our next webinar on Wednesday, May 10th is an introduction to next-generation supplier portal technology. The emphasis is on how to address key supplier management challenges. 

Any of these sound familiar?


‘We’re spending too much time processing and interpreting different supplier document formats.’

‘There's no way of knowing if we're buying from the best supplier.’

‘It's difficult to make sure suppliers have accurate and current approvals and certificates.’

‘The accounts payable department have no way of knowing if they are paying the correct price.’

Tune into the webinar to learn how to: 

• Limit supply problems and improve document and payment processing
• Set clear expectations of service levels and performance standards
• Standardise collaboration with suppliers and prevent business disruptions
• Get clean data and accurate business intelligence
• Incorporate all suppliers in standard fashion
• Make vendor compliance easier

The webinar covers the core features and benefits of TradeHub:Buy, a suite of industry best-practice tools that simplify the processing of orders, deliveries and payments.

Discover how to choose the rules, validations and compliance criteria to apply to your supplier community. 

Need to simplify the management of your suppliers and source products faster, better and for less? 

Brought to you by the main architect of the product, this webinar will address real-world supply chain issues and individual pain points for companies who have multiple suppliers.

Presenter: Bernard McCloskey – Senior Product Developer, Celtrino.

When: Wednesday, May 10th from 3:00pm to 4:00 pm.

Register for the webinar here. 

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