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24 Feb

PEPPOL – Prepare for long-term eProcurement success

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PEPPOL makes complete sense for the public sector. It’s the impetus for major advances in supplier management and business process automation.

Adopting PEPPOL prepares the public sector to benefit from long-term digital success, bringing a host of advantages to organisations, employees and service users.

Those who act by adopting new technologies and processes will benefit first and gain a competitive advantage.

In combination with digital technologies such as big data and cloud storage, PEPPOL is the digital transformer of public sector procurement.

New opportunities


PEPPOL brings new opportunities for both public sector buyers and suppliers to discover and streamline the entire process of dealing with each other.

Public Sector organisations have come under increasing pressure to be more efficient. PEPPOL is intended to remove process inefficiencies which arise when business documents are exchanged. This will ultimately benefit the tax payer.

PEPPOL began as an initiative from the EU to increase the adoption of electronic invoicing across Europe. Adoption of PEPPOL varies across Europe. Some countries, particularly in Scandinavia, are already well advanced.

The significant and increasing numbers of public sector buyers and suppliers who have adopted PEPPOL, demonstrates the benefits and value associated with PEPPOL adoption.

We know there are huge efficiency savings to be made by adopting eInvoicing as a standard across the public sector. At present, state organisations are incurring largely avoidable costs by not trading electronically.

Transforming supplier management


PEPPOL is an opportunity to transform supply chains by broadening the supplier base, and improving areas like supplier discovery, compliance, reporting and document validation.

In short, PEPPOL delivers huge efficiency saving and new opportunities in Supply Chain Management, never available to the public sector before. New technology empowers public entities to manage suppliers and products better and achieve maximum trading benefits across their value chain.

PEPPOL is designed to help public bodies collaborate to drive down the cost of essential goods.

Maximum eProcurement benefits accrue from having a common trading standard.
PEPPOL defines a process for ordering and invoicing that;

  • Reduces approval processing time from weeks to days
  • Gives instant access to payments details and workflow
  • Conserves resources and improves efficiency
  • Transforms supplier management

 The power of PEPPOL is changing the public sector supply chain landscape for ever. Capturing the opportunity means choosing a services provider to help you access the PEPPOL Framework.

Once public bodies have signed up with an Access Point Provider they can access PEPPOL enabled suppliers in the UK and Europe, with implications for competitiveness and product choice.

Suppliers and buyers can utilise any Access Point Provider they choose as the PEPPOL standard is designed to allow different access point providers to seamlessly communicate with each other.

Knowledge and technical ability


When picking a PEPPOL Access Point provider, it’s essential to understand their level of skill in handling PEPPOL documents.

New providers may well be long-standing eBusiness providers, but may have no experience of PEPPOL transactions. Offering a reliable PEPPOL service, requires having the knowledge and technical ability to align supply chain needs with trading formats and back office systems. 

PEPPOL speeds-up cash flow, eliminates errors, slashes administrative costs and generates supply chain efficiencies.
Celtrino is one of the longest serving members of OpenPEPPOL, the international non-profit association with members from the public and private sectors. 

OpenPEPPOL has full responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining PEPPOL specifications and promoting adoption across Europe.

Having served the eBusiness needs of the healthcare, retail and food services sectors for nearly 30 years, Celtrino has unrivalled experience of providing customers with supply chain excellence.

Our experience combined with involvement with PEPPOL since its inception, allows us to help public sector entities adopt PEPPOL best-practice.
The Celtrino platform has no restriction on the volume of orders or invoices that it can process.

Access Point Services


Celtrino has been awarded a place on the NHS PEPPOL framework. While initially aimed at NHS trusts in England, it’s also available for other bodies in the wider UK Public Sector.

Celtrino’s involvement in helping to develop and define the PEPPOL standard, along with our experience of providing secure and scalable supply chain solutions for a wide range of clients, means that we are well placed to bring the efficiencies of using PEPPOL – combined with industry best practice - to all public sector trading partners - suppliers and buyers.

This unique breadth of experience makes us your ideal partner to maximise the benefits of your PEPPOL implementation.

Ken Halpin, Manager Director of Celtrino said, ‘’we have 30 years of helping organisations manage supply chains. That allows us to implement PEPPOL best-practice for this new method of public sector procurement and help our customers benefit from additional services.”

Talk to a Celtrino PEPPOL expert today, or visit our website for more information.

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