26 Jan

Ireland has been officially confirmed as a PEPPOL Authority member

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-Line) is a European Union initiative to simplify public sector procurement. Since September 2012 full responsibility for PEPPOL has been moved from the EU to a not-for-profit body known as OpenPEPPOL, which is responsible for the development of PEPPOL standards and its ongoing implementation.

Joining OpenPEPPOL is a key step in Ireland’s journey to compliance with the European e-invoicing Directive, requiring Public Sector Bodies to be in a position to receive e-invoices by April 2019.


How does PEPPOL work?

  • PEPPOL involves two parties – public sector buyers and their suppliers.
  • Simply, the supplier and the buyer connect to each other via an access point. These are provided by certified access point providers, such as Celtrino.
  • Once connected to the access point, the appropriate documents (e.g. purchase orders, e-invoicing) can be issued and transmitted to each other without a need for translation conversion or manual intervention on either side
  • Without PEPPOL, public sector buyers and suppliers would have to handle dozens of different document formats that add costs and complexity.
  • Adopting PEPPOL means businesses can also expand into other markets where PEPPOL is mandated, and overall help their bottom line.


Why Celtrino?

Celtrino were the first PEPPOL access point provider in Ireland, and have been involved since the early days in helping to define the PEPPOL standards. In November 2016 Celtrino were granted a place on the UK’s NHS PEPPOL framework, allowing suppliers to conduct business electronically with the NHS.

Celtrino have 30 years of supply chain innovation experience.


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