How to Find your Perfect EDI Provider

20 Jul

How to Find your Perfect EDI Provider

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Becoming EDI-enabled is a significant business move, and finding the right EDI provider can be a challenging process.

With EDI - Electronic Data Interchange - messaging formats can often be complex for business owners to understand. EDI solutions need to operate in tandem with pre-existing business processes, so businesses that become EDI-enabled can continue to operate as efficiently as possible. Trading electronically needs to be as hassle free as possible.

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When analysing a potential EDI provider, there are a number of initial questions you need to ask.

  • What level of local support do they offer? Does this meet your own requirements?
  • What is their level of Customer Service like? You will get an idea of this from initial interactions with the provider. Are they quick to respond to your enquiries? Do they answer your queries in a professional manner?
  • What exactly does the pricing include? Will there be any hidden costs down the line? Edi Services are scalable at a cost per customer – they are not a once off subscription.

If the Service Provider satisfies this initial criteria, then you may want to seek more granular information to further inform your decision.

  • Does the service easily extend to the onboarding of future additional trading partners – for example, if you are initially looking for a connection to Aldi, but then start to trade with Tesco in a few months’ time?
  • How scalable is the solution in relation to your own predicted business growth? Are there add-on products/features?
  • What other products/services does the provider offer that may be relevant to your business down the line?
  • Does the solution seamlessly integrate with your own ERP system/back-office systems?
  • Will the Provider manage the testing process or do you need to invest in additional resources in-house?

You also need to determine whether the system is reliable, how user-friendly it is and the Providers’ compliance to data security. If the provider isn’t in a position to readily share this information, or if you are left dubious as to their response, they are unlikely to be a suitable partner.

Do your homework

Study their website. How many years are they in business? Who are their existing customers? If you know any personally, ask them for a reference.

Do they have case studies/testimonials readily available?

Also talk to like-minded Businesses using EDI solutions with another provider. Particularly those that are unhappy with their service. Determine their exact pain points and ask your potential provider whether they can solve these.

Research what are the main issues with EDI. Does your potential provider answer confidently when queried as to their capacity to manage these issues?

Choosing the right EDI Provider can be a challenging process, but it is worthwhile to ensure you get the most return on your investment. 


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