How a new EU Data Protection law will affect you.

14 Nov

How a new EU Data Protection law will affect you.

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th of May, 2018, replacing the existing framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

At the center of the new law is the requirement for companies to be fully transparent about how they use and safeguard personal data, and to demonstrate accountably for their data processing activities. 

As you are probably aware, we currently hold data pertaining to your organisation and trading partners - information that forms the basis of SMS and email communications. It’s why we’re actively preparing for the introduction of GDPR legislation.

Not only are we aware of our obligations and responsibilities, but we can advise you on what relevant data you might hold in relation to your e-trading solutions - data that will need to be considered in the context of the new law.

The reality is that GDPR will affect most companies to some degree, and the more complex your organisation, the more prepared you will need to be.

Celtrino can help you do just that, and in the near future will be publishing a dedicated document outlining how GDPR will impact specifically on e-trading systems.