Connect to a PEPPOL Access Point

22 Feb

Connect to a PEPPOL Access Point for new opportunities

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

If you trade, or want to trade, with any public sector entity, it’s time to connect with them through the PEPPOL framework. In many countries across Europe, the trading standard has already become a pre-requisite for doing business with the public sector. 

The large-scale adoption of PEPPOL across the European Union by public entities and their suppliers has ushered in a new era for public sector business.

PEPPOL allows suppliers to expand to the wider EU market and benefit from new opportunities and efficiencies.

For suppliers, a key advantage is the ability to engage with any PEPPOL Access Point Provider they choose to exchange documents with any organisation in the framework.

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for the Pan-European Public Procurement Online Project. It’s part of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda which aims to support seamless cross-border eProcurement in a single market. 

PEPPOL grew out of an initiative to: 

  • Facilitate cross-border commerce
  • Improve transparency in public procurement
  • Deliver better value for tax payers
  • Encourage paperless business
  • Drive Europe towards a Digital Single Market

PEPPOL provides a standards-based IT infrastructure. It enables the exchange of electronic trading documents over an open, standard network. Up to now, European companies and state organisations have incurred largely avoidable costs by not trading electronically.

PEPPOL Benefits for Suppliers

PEPPOL eliminates complex trading relationships with buyers. At the moment, a supplier trading with the NHS may have to accept purchase orders in dozens of different formats. They may also rely on manual, paper-based systems. 

By adopting PEPPOL, suppliers can:

  • Access a single purchase-to-payment process 
  • Reduce the time, complexity and cost of complying with buyer requirements
  • Streamline and improve the visibility of supply chains
  • Gain greater control of inventory and working capital
  • Improve cash flow by removing errors in the purchase-to-pay process 
  • Reconcile invoices faster for quicker payment

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Designated Access Points

Documents like electronic invoices and purchase orders are exchanged between suppliers and buyers via PEPPOL Access Points. 

One of the first benefits of standardising trading formats is that buyers & suppliers don’t have to use the same PEPPOL Access Point provider. 

Any company that trades with the public sector in the UK, Ireland or across Europe must be ready to receive invoices using PEPPOL.

The NHS has already begun the process of phasing in targets for suppliers of medical devices, In-Vitro diagnostic devices and medicines. This is a key part of the Scan4Safety initiative.

Adoption of PEPPOL by all EU countries is set to be completed by 2018.


The EU's vision is that any company can seamlessly and securely trade with any government institution in the procurement process. The PEPPOL network will continue to expand until, ultimately, public sector trading partners will have to adopt the standard.

The next step for suppliers is to connect through an PEPPOL Access Point Provider

Celtrino are the only Irish company awarded a place on the NHS PEPPOL Framework to help suppliers implement PEPPOL-based trading. As members of the OpenPEPPOL group, we helped define and implement the standard.

Celtrino are PEPPOL experts with unrivalled experience of bringing efficiencies to all public sector trading partners.

Want to discuss your PEPPOL requirements with the experts? Contact us at [email protected]

Video: Celtrino's Andy Ellwood explains the benefits of PEPPOL for suppliers to the Public Sector