14 Feb

Changing Face Of Supply Chains

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Ken Halpin

Ken Halpin   Leadership bio

There was a time when everyone knew their lines. In the play of supply chains past, things were simpler. Actors picked a role and set about becoming the very best at their particular game. The choice was simple: choose between producer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer or consumer. Everybody knew how to behave in this structured analogue world.

 In the free market economy, innovation is key to success, maybe even survival. In this era of non-stop commerce, consumers have more choice than ever on what, where and how to buy. Product and financial supply chains are evolving and mutating whilst diverging and converging almost on a daily basis. As producers innovate with multiple routes to market, new partnerships are being forged and existing ones rewritten or forgotten. Knowing where you add value and how to deliver this value is part of the survival game in this dynamic and increasingly digital landscape.

 Everything is on the table like never before and agility is a critical success factor.

 In this forthcoming series of posts, we will look at emerging trends and what they might mean for your very survival. In the digital era of relentless innovation are your days numbered or are you well place to serve the modern consumer? Let’s discuss. If there is an specific area you would like covered, reach out and let me know


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