10 May

Celtrino is now an Amazon EDI Service Provider

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Celtrino are continuing to grow its range of EDI Managed services to meet diverse client requirements and prepare for the supply chains of the future. Celtrino is now an Amazon EDI Service Provider.

Amazon is the largest Internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalisation.

If you are engaged with Amazon Vendor Central as a sales channel or plan to for 2018, Celtrino can help you get EDI-enabled.

With Amazon Vendor Central, you sell items in bulk directly to Amazon, and Amazon in turn sells those items under its own brand name to customers. Amazon buy and re-sell your products in the same manner as the major retailers, and take full control of your products.

To sell via the Vendor Central program, you need to meet Amazon’s strict EDI requirements. Celtrino will assist you with this.


Trading with Amazon via EDI provides the following benefits: 

  • Improved order fulfilment. According to Amazon, EDI enabled suppliers reported on average an inventory reduction of 10%
  • Reduce operating costs, negotiate better terms for your products
  • Streamlining Amazon with your existing EDI services. Celtrino provide a single pipe in for orders and invoices for the major multiples and online retailers.
  • Reduce costs and improve accuracy with automated services

The benefits can easily be achieved by incorporating Amazon into your current EDI processing routine using your existing Celtrino interfaces.


Amazon offers the following Standard Edifact (EDI) documents: 

  • Purchase Orders – ORDERS
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgements – ORDRSP
  • Advance shipment notice – DESADV
  • Invoice – INVOIC
  • Point of Sale – SLSRPT
  • Cost & inventory feed – INVRPT 
  • AS2 transfer protocol

Celtrino will fully set you up to start trading efficiently and electronically with Amazon Vendor Central today.

Indeed if you are planning to extend your sales activity with any new online marketplaces, Celtrino can assist in this complex area of supply chain participation. Early discovery of the e-Commerce challenges can help eliminate disappointment and impact on speed/time-to-market.

Celtrino have 30 years’ experience in delivering EDI managed services.

Please let us know your requirements and a Celtrino EDI expert will be in contact.