Celtrino EDI for retailers

27 Jul

Celtrino EDI for retailers

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

Celtrino EDI for retailers – helps improve sales, profits and customer loyalty with products suited for your business.

The retail customer of today is more demanding than ever, with excellent quality, diversity and also attractive pricing top of their wish lists. The customer increasingly expects a same day or next day delivery but this type of complexity creates not only a challenge for the retailer but it also serves up an opportunity.

The Celtrino EDI service removes the issues of trading electronically with a number of suppliers, helping retailers to get their products to be delivered at the right time. The Celtrino EDI service automates the exchange of typical business transactions such as purchase orders and invoices. With both web EDI solutions and an integrated EDI, we enable you to trade electronically with all your suppliers, regardless of their size and technical capabilities. As a service it helps to reduce paper and manual admin processes, it minimises the time spent on tedious tasks in the supply chain and reduces the need to take on extra staff thus allowing you allocate your spending elsewhere.

For nearly three decades, Celtrino with our electronic trading solutions have been at the forefront of helping retailers unlock the significant savings and efficiencies within the various parts of their businesses. Check out the many benefits in our case studies to companies such as the Barry Group who we have worked with since they moved to Celtrino.

So if you are a retailer and want to start trading electronically with your suppliers, or if you want to extend your existing EDI to a much wider base of suppliers, then feel free to contact us to find out how Celtrino can help further these aims.