PEPPOL Adoption

19 Jul

Building a Business Case for PEPPOL Adoption

Patrick Redfern

Patrick Redfern   Leadership bio

The Public Sector has come under increasing pressure to cut costs and reduce waste. PEPPOL adoption can address the lack of efficiency when key business documents are exchanged manually.

Maximum benefits accrue from having a common standard that improves the operation of Public Sector supply chains. This has huge implications across the entire Public Sector at both a micro and macro level.  

The NHS is at the vanguard of PEPPOL adoption in the UK and the savings generated will provide an impetus to the rest of the Public Sector.

When adopting a single standard to exchange business documents, NHS Trusts must connect to PEPPOL through designated Access Points.

There are numerous PEPPOL benefits for both Contracting Authorities and Public Sector suppliers. 

The PEPPOL process supports:

eInvoicing - The automated process of issuing, sending, receiving and processing invoice data by electronic means.

eOrdering – It’s possible to receive orders electronically and to respond to such orders.

eCatalogue - Suppliers can describe the goods and services they offer. Contracting authorities can source goods and services and obtain product or pricing details.

eSignature - Recipients of a electronic document confirm the identification of the sender and provide assurance that the document has not been modified in transit.

PEPPOL Adoption benefits:

-Reduce transaction costs

-Improve cash flow management

-Speed up the approval process

-Remove manual processing / paper documentation

-Allow for collaborative purchasing

-Eliminate waste and errors like oversupply and perishable goods

PEPPOL - The Catalyst for a New Approach?

Instead of just adopting PEPPOL in isolation, why not use it to develop a new approach to procurement and supplier management?

Celtrino have almost 30 years’ experience in delivering EDI and supplier portal innovation, and have been involved in PEPPOL from the beginning.

We have combined this experience to deliver an innovative PEPPOL based service that helps you improve efficiencies, reduce errors and manage suppliers more effectively. 

Additional Services:

We can offer a range of additional services to complete your supplier management processes. Our solution can help you deliver efficiencies for your suppliers by providing a flip service.

This allows all your suppliers to quickly produce their PEPPOL invoices by converting, or flipping, the information from the original purchase order.

The supplier can view and flip purchase orders they receive and convert them into a PEPPOL Invoices for transmission back to the ordering authority.

Celtrino also provide support for Goods Receipt Notes (GRNs) generated from either an order flip or from your back-office system. This allows you to accurately record deliveries to help track orders and supplier performance.

Why Celtrino? 

Celtrino help organisations deliver supply chain value through innovative supply chain management solutions.

We contributed to the development of the PEPPOL standards, are founder members of the OpenPEPPOL association and are one of the first Access Point Providers.

To see how you can benefit from Celtrino’s extensive PEPPOL experience, contact one of our PEPPOL experts today.