25 Apr

Access Large-scale Buyers and Suppliers with Celtrino EDI

Celtrino Marketing

celtrino Marketing

At Celtrino, we specialise in helping companies to engage in B2B transactions via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Each year Celtrino customers process millions of electronic documents through our industry leading platform.


Celtrino’s EDI Managed Service:

  • Provides access to large-scale suppliers and buyers. In order to be listed with the major retailers you need to be EDI-enabled.
  • Improves the speed and accuracy of business transactions. Information is exchanged in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. Processes are streamlined and time-consuming activities are eliminated.
  • Eliminates costs associated with purchase, printing, handling, processing and delivery of paper documents. Human intervention is reduced leading to fewer errors such as document mishandling.

We have created an online guide - which comes with 30 years’ experience - that provides a greater understanding of Current EDI capabilities and the differences between Outsourced vs on-premises EDI.


The major topics include:

  • What is EDI? 2:00 minutes in
  • How EDI applies to your business. 4:50
  • The advantages of using EDI. 9:40
  • Specific EDI use cases. 14:50

You can listen to a Recording at your convenience, and skip to the most relevant topic.

Partnering with Celtrino will provide a solution that grows with your business while leaving you to focus on managing your business.

If you would like more information, you can speak to our resident EDI expert, Patrick Redfern. Patrick can be contacted at [email protected]/+353876889216